The Magic Food Sealer

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Are you TIRED of seeing your food go to waste on a daily basis? There simply isn't enough time in a day to cook food, eat it and PACK the leftovers. 

No MATTER how you store your food, it either appears unpleasant, is absolutely difficult to reheat properly or tastes bad not to even mention the HORRIBLE smell.

We know what happens next: you THROW it away in guilt and all that time you have spent to cook it and make it appealing goes to WASTE.

These amazing Magic Food Sealers use airtight vacuum technology to seal your food right ON the plate itself! They are so easy to use! Set and forget! Carry on with other important tasks you have to do!


  • Its vacuum technology seals your food airtight allowing it to last up to 5X longer than it would otherwise
  • Made from a strong and shiny ABS plastic, this sealer not only will make your leftovers look neat, but it can withstand accidental falls too
  • These reusable Food Sealers are designed such that they can be easily stacked and stowed away in an organized manner saving space
  • Its BPA free material makes it microwave and dishwasher safe allowing quick reheat and fast, easy washes
  • The Magic Food Sealer also features a time turn dialto allow you to gauge how long the food was stored for
  • We offer it in a variety of colors that can be used to color code different foods or food for different individuals in a family

Directions: Simply place the sealer over any plate or container you wish and push down on the center until your food is sealed airtight. 

Not only do they make it easier to quickly pack your food, they serve a purpose to ensure the longest life of your food while preserving its taste and smell. Not only do they REDUCE your food waste, they also reduce the foil and plastic usage. 

Whenever you are ready, simply take your food, reheat it and enjoy the SAME freshness from the day you made it! Place it in the dishwasher and you're ready to use it again, it's that simple!

Material Type: BPA free ABS plastic
Dimensions: 6.00 in x 7.50 in x 3.00 in
Fits: Bowls/Plates/Skillets and containers of similar size